Interested in a business paradigm based on the common good?

Structures of Grace: The Business Practices of the Economy of CommunionStructures of Grace: The Business Practices of the Economy of Communion by John Gallagher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have long been interested in a business model based on The Golden Rule. This book presents a case study approach to ten such businesses who are members of the Economy of Communion which is a world wide organization dedicated to the common good. If you are looking for a refreshing paradigm for business then this book is a must read for you.

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Loving and living the Divine Dance

Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your TransformationDivine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation by Richard Rohr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love all of Richard’s books and this is yet another. I love how he brings the trinity to life and gives the reader much to think about.

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Full circle

Today I took a ride to Abbey of the Genesee to shop for bread and to spend time in their chapel. On my way home I drove past St. Mary Parish in Arcade, New York. St. Mary was my home parish when I was a young boy growing up in the 1960’s. It was here that I made my First Communion in 1960 and later served as an altar boy. I served on daily masses, arriving every weekday morning at 7:00 am. One day the priest found me asleep on the steps in front of the church. Today as I drove by the church I noticed they were open for prayer so I decided to stop. I’m glad I did. There on the altar in the sanctuary very familiar to me was the Eucharist. There only one other person present as I sat in silence. Over fifty years have passed since those days I served Mass for Fr. Pollard and Fr. Connelly but their presence was fresh in my memory today. 

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Next to Trump, Irish PM Delivers Powerful Speech Praising Immigrants, US Legacy as a Refuge

A great tribute to immigrants and especially those Irish immigrants who were my ancestors.


Irish leader Enda Kenny praised the economic, social, political, and cultural contributions of Irish immigrants at a St. Patrick’s Day event, while standing next to President Donald Trump today. He also pointed to the United States’ historic role for those facing oppression and hunger, “We believed in the shelter of America, and the compassion of America, and the opportunity of America. We came, and we became Americans.” Without mentioning the anti-immigrant policies of the Trump presidency, the contrast was clear and the message was powerful:

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Peacemakers among us

Publicly resisting evil and making peace in the world are at the heart of every authentic spirituality. Unfortunately, few of us make the critical connection between the spiritual life on the one hand, and war, poverty and nuclear weapons on the other. Most of us disconnect our private spiritual experience from “the real world” of business, electoral politics, bombing raids, and “national security.” Perhaps we do not want to cause trouble, divide our congregations, or risk the charge of being unpatriotic. Yet, without realizing it, our passivity and silence in the face of global violence renounces the prophetic witness of the nonviolent Jesus. Rather than align ourselves with God’s reign of justice and peace, we opt for the status quo of war and global injustice.” – John Dear

Yesterday on my way home from Binghamton, New York I stopped at Mount Saviour Monastery near Corning, New York. I hadn’t been to the monastery in a couple of years. I discovered that in that time there had been quite a few changes in the brothers who live there. Some of the community that were there for my last visit have gone to their eternal reward. Despite that they have grown to a community of twelve. Yesterday, I was greeted by Brother Justin when I entered the gift shop. We had a nice visit and while I was there I purchased “Peacework”  by Henri Nouwen who is one of my favorite authors. The quote at the top of this post is taken from the Foreword of the book. Besides the book I purchased some honey which is a product of the apiary at Mount Saviour. I also got a couple packages of Dark Chocolate Biscotti which is made at the Abbey of the Genesee. One package for me and another for a friend. Stopping at quiet places like Mount Saviour are restorative.

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A blessing indeed

Original BlessingOriginal Blessing by Matthew Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An incredibly insightful book. This is a remarkable work and one that should leave the reader asking many questions about why the message of Jesus was hijacked by those who decided instead to follow Augustine. This is one of the best books I’ve read recently. Original Blessing is a blessing to read.

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Coming home

It’s been a great two days of retreat at Mt. Irenaeus. I needed to get some time alone with nature. I live a good life and have a lot of contentment, but there is something special about coming here to a place that is so peaceful. There are less distractions here. A walk in the woods and only the sound of a gentle breeze, leaves underfoot and an occasional cracking tree branch. I’ve spent two days and soon two nights here. Time in the chapel and walking upon well worn paths are very settling. I tried something new today using Facebook Live to share a contemplative walk on the land.  I was able to share the quiet with some friends and I hope it will cause them to spend some time mindfully walking on their own. It has been a several years since I’ve spent this much time here. There are many good memories and it’s always a homecoming. I’m grateful to have been able to take some time apart and be able to bring the fruit of this to my daily life. Peace.

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