Give peace a chance..

The surge in baloney has not ended. George Bush, who managed to get into the Alabama National Guard at the height of Vietnam stood in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention and gave a speech drawing parallels between Iraq and Vietnam. The parallel he missed was that Commander-in-chief of both debacles came from Texas. At least LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law in 1964. Lyndon did some good and although Vietnam remains a black-eye for the guy he did manage to accomplish some good. As reprehensible as the Vietnam conflict was the Civil Rights Act represented real courage on President Johnson’s part. I can think of no similar accomplishment for Mr. Bush. Maybe someone can fill me in.

Today I watched Mike Barnicle again and today he had former Whitehouse press secretary Ari Fleischer on his show. Ari is the point man for a group called Freedom Watch. The Freedom Watchers want us to stay in Iraq indefinitely. I did some checking and Freedom Watch is actually more Republican political action. I was pleased that Mr. Barnicle did actually play a little “Hardball” with Ari. He questioned some of Ari’s sources and motives. I did a little checking on Ari. He’s a good Republican operative. He’s pro-war. He never served in any branch of the military, but he wants your kid to fight and die in Iraq. Another neo-chicken.

Fourteen American servicemen died today and it’s not for democracy or anything noble, it’s about propping up a failed policy. I hope you’ll join me in praying for an end to this madness. Prayer is our only hope as most politicians have deserted us. Only a few actually want to end the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can also support groups like the Peace Alliance who are working to end war. Give peace a chance.


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