In the last six years I’ve purchased a half dozen GPS units. Up until recently they all had been hand held units. My first two units were Magellan 310 and Magellan 315 units which I purchased for handheld navigation when I’m flying. Last year I purchased a Magellan Explorist. I think it was the 600 model. From the very first I’ve been very impressed with GPS navigation. It’s very accurate and a big help. Last week I purchased a Garmin StreetPilot i3 for my son. I got a very good price on a refurbished unit at TigerDirect. I thought it was something he could use. I used a similar model in a rental car from Alamo in February.

TigerDirect had another model from a company I had never heard of. It’s price was compelling. It is the Navman ICN330. It is listed at $119 with a one year warranty. I’d never heard of that brand before and I was quite truthfully skeptical, but I thought for that kind of price how far could I go wrong. It arrived today and it was very easy to hook up. It came with a 2 gigabyte SD memory card and doesn’t require a connection to a PC to load software. The directions are easy to follow and it’s easy to mount in a car. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and can also operate with a cigarette lighter adapter. I used it tonight for a short trip to Little Valley, New York and I was very impressed with its utility. Audible directions from either a male or female voice and easy to read maps in a 2.8 inch color display. Lots of nice features found in other models are included. I’d say if you’re looking for an automotive GPS and you’re on a budget this could be a real bargain for you. Buy it from TigerDirect.


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2 Responses to Navman

  1. Kevin says:


    Pretty cool stuff. I love NAV systems and I do not think they have caught on as much as they should so far in America.

    My toy is a TomTom 910. It takes me wheverer I need to go!

  2. Don says:


    I used the Navman to go to Richardsons Canal House last night. I knew how to get there but it was neat to see how this neat little device would route me. I think the only drawback I can see so far is the need to adjust the display for night driving, but for the price, what the heck. The Garmin’s adjust. My brother’s got a Tom-Tom. He was visiting yesterday. He travels all over the USA and the world and he takes it with him wherever he goes.

    🙂 Don

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