Last Supper

Last Supper
I use my cell phone camera quite often and this weekend while at St. Francis Inn I spotted a print hanging on the wall in the dining room that I liked a great deal. Often Christ is depicted as a Caucasian male and usually a Western European or American male at that. Not often is Christ depicted as the Palestinian male he was or as any other racial type. At St. Francis Inn the image of Christ as an African is depicted in an area frequented by large numbers of African-American men. This is only the second depiction I’ve ever seen of Christ and the apostles as Africans. I think it’s quite powerful and very appropriate at the Inn.


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2 Responses to Last Supper

  1. I’ve seen a fair number, actually. And they make more sense to me. How often is Jesus depicted as being inside v. outside? Trust me, milky pale doesn’t last under those circumstances. Either you tan or you burn.

    I tend to see the “white hippy but clean looking guy” Jesus image as another way of undermining his message – depicting him as a guy who could stay clean in a white garment, a guy who was able to stay inside and comfortable. You don’t often see him depicted as a homeless preacher, out among the hungry and sick.

  2. Don says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ve been reading your blog, but not commenting. Life got pretty busy last week when I went to Philly. I hope to read and comment more. I agree with what you’re saying here too. I like the homeless preacher image.

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