Actually I’ve got a better word for it, but that is what comes to mind when I hear the main stream media justifying what we’re paying at the pump in the United States. In a segment on the one of the big media outlets yesterday prices paid by consumers were offered. In Saudi Arabia gasoline is selling for 91 cents a gallon and in Venezuela it’s 12 cents a gallon. Isn’t that Hugo Chavez? He’s a real bad actor according to our president. The show had two talking heads acting like they really cared about John Q. Public. The pundits went on to say that the Europeans are paying way more than we are and they show the prices. If you have a head packed with dog manure then you’ll buy that pablum. But, if on the other hand you know that the Europeans actually have coherent energy policies and they have vehicles that get better mileage and that they actually have mass transit for most of the citizenry. Add to that the Europeans and Canadians have single payer health care. If you’re not too bright and you buy into the dung they feed you on the major media outlets you could almost think that it’s all going swimmingly here in the USA.


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