Our special friend

This morning soon after getting out of my bed I wandered out onto our enclosed porch. I looked out the windows and to my amazement an old friend was sitting in the lush green grass eating breakfast. I was both thrilled and grateful that our friend the three eared rabbit had made it through the winter. I quickly walked back into our home and got my wife. It was my wife who had first sighted this unusual creature a couple of years ago. When Diane got a look at our friend, a big smile erupted on her face and she exclaimed, “he made it through the winter.” We both marveled at the size of the rabbit and Diane’s maternal instincts intuited that perhaps we were looking at an expectant mother rabbit that might give birth to more three eared rabbits.

Three eared rabbitt


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Social entrepreneur, Educator, Open Source Advocate
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2 Responses to Our special friend

  1. Paula says:

    wow, great!
    thanks for this post Don…made me smile from one ear to the other.:-)

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