Danta De

I begin this day listening to Danta De, classic sacred music of Ireland. It’s beautiful music taken from the Irish Hymnal of 1928. It’s a CD available from AveMaria Press. Listening to this beautiful music, drinking some tea and eating a honey and peanut butter sandwich made from Monk’s bread while reading from “Work of God” a book of Benedictine prayer. I purchased the book of Benedictine prayer on one of my many visits to Abbey of the Genesee. I’ve read other presentations of the Divine Office, but I like this one because it’s easier for me to follow. I don’t sit and do formal morning and evening prayers everyday. I get myself too busy. I should take more time. This week is winter break and I have time to spend more time praying the Divine Office.

Each morning I say a short prayer before the crucifix and offer myself to God to do with me as he might. I asked to be relieved of the bondage of self that I might better do his will. I ask him to take away my difficulties that victory over them might bear witness to those that I might help of his power, his love and his way of life. I ask for knowledge of his will for me today and the power to carry it out.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Mt. Saviour Monastery for a couple of days in their loving care. Yesterday I spent some time setting up a computer for my friend Fr. Dan Hurley, OFM at Mt. Irenaeus. Hurles as we affectionately call him is 85 and suffering from macular degeneration. I tried to make the print on the computer screen large enough for him to read. I love him. He’s my image of God, a kindly gentle fellow, who loves us all and is patient beyond measure. I wish I knew more about how to help him see. He has trouble seeing the Lectionary at Mass. Yesterday after trying to help Fr. Dan I spent time in Holy Peace Chapel looking east over the hills of Allegany County. The sky was a lovely blue and sunlight streamed into the chapel.

This week I’ll probably spend time every day visiting monasteries and convents. It’s one of the things I like to do. I’ll be praying for our children and their success in college and for my lovely wife. Thank God for the gift of love. Peace.


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